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Our main profile — club protection, the main forces are concentrated in this direction, on preparation and education of collective a huge amount of forces and time is spent. We believe that properly selected and trained personnel solve most of the possible problems, so senior facilities are appointed from the most experienced and responsible employees. First of all, such qualities as: honesty, honesty, contact, firmness of character, flexibility of thinking, determination, courage, the presence of leadership qualities and the ability to develop them, the ability to quickly solve tasks, manage the team, take responsibility for themselves and develop independently in all directions of efficiency. Our employees go through a long way of training, starting with small tasks, special trainings and tests, ending with independent work on security measures on large sites. Only then are they considered to be professionally trained and admitted to senior positions. It is because we give all our strength to the selection and education of personnel, our work is successful and in demand. Having a great basic experience, we always offer a variety of options for our work, but prefer an individual approach in each case, taking into account all the nuances, specifics and wishes. You can always verify this by learning about us in existing institutions or by contacting us. We are always ready to solve the tasks set before us and believe that there are no unsolvable problems, but there are people who are unable to solve the problems. Extensive experience allows us to give a comprehensive assessment of the situation in your business, to help in choosing the necessary measures to address them.
We are ready to provide services for the protection, maintenance of protected persons and valuable goods, advice on business security, conflict resolution with the authorities. As well as the decision of non-standard situations.

ОМ SECURITY services

ОМ SECURITY provides a full range of security services:

  • protection of entertainment clubs, restaurants, cafes;

  • protection of public events, concerts, etc.,

  • physical protection of individuals and legal entities;

  • escort of individuals to airports( railway stations, business trips including abroad);

  • support of cargoes;

  • equipment of facilities with security alarm systems, access control and video surveillance;

  • as well as other security solutions.

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ОМ SECURITY: the history


Our organization traces its history back to 1994. Our birth is connected with the history of the club «PTYUCH», on the basis of which protection was created an organization that later grew into an independent business. Over time, the organization has undergone changes in composition, changed names, while maintaining the principles of its work: honesty, integrity, strict adherence to the confidentiality of internal policy and trade secrets of customers.

There are practically no dissatisfied with our work in the ranks of our clients, with the exception of single cases of termination of cooperation agreements for reasons of either ethical nature (on our initiative), or in connection with the closure of the institution. We perform our work with full attention to details and wishes of the client and only «excellent»! We do not put ourselves in the framework of conventions. Our capabilities grow depending on your requirements.


Protection of institutions and events

At different times we were engaged in the protection of many institutions and activities as private nature, and the public: the club’s «Farm», club «Zhara», «SHINE-BAR», the club «PTYUCH», club «RELAX», the club «TREASURE ISLAND», cafe «CANALETTO», club «PROPAGANDA», LOUDER, Tryokhgornaya Manufactory, Eventum Premo, Nazli D. Bakeev Entertainment, club «PHONOGRAPH» cafe «MOSCOW-BERLIN», cafe «MOSCOW-ROME» cafe «WOODSTOCK», cafe «u», as well as large festivals: the annual festival «ALBOMODA», the FESTIVAL «USADBA JAZZ» in the Museum-estate «Arkhangelsk», the festival «ORBIT», PIRATE STATION 2009 festival in Crocus Expo exhibition complex, as well as a large number of other openair events.

Thousands dance in the theater of the Soviet Army – «REVOLUCIA» club on the water in pirogovskoe reservoir MALIBU. Also city holidays and private corporate events. Today we work in the following areas: cafe-bar «BERRY», «VERDI», «PAPARAZZI», a chain of restaurants «FLOOR», club «William E.», «CAFE ON a STAIRCASE», «MIO DJ cafe», club «FABRIQUE» club-restaurant «the REAL MCCOY», «restaurant CASBAR» club «LONDON», beer restaurant «EDELHOF», club-restaurant «the PORTAL», cafe «ESCO-BAR», the club «LE GRAND», KRK «the WORLD of ENTERTAINMENT», ARMA 17, Z-bar (RUMBA) , OLD TELEGRAPH, MULATTO, various private events and parties. Under our protection, with different organizers parties are regularly held in the water Park «KVA-KVA».

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Foreign artists

We are engaged in personal protection of foreign artists during their stay in Moscow with concerts : «Queen», Shakira, «Slipknot», «Iron Maiden», «Prodigy» , «Muse», «Tokio-hotel», U. N. K. L. E., «Nevada Tan», Patricia Kaas, «Backstreet Boys», Garou, stars of musical «Notre-Dame de Paris», Hughie. We can also accompany customers at home and abroad (Shakira concert in Tbilisi, Georgia). We have extensive experience in the organization of security events on large sites-a concert of the group «Prodigy»in» Crocus Expo».

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